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The TruckWiesel is designed for the transport of semi-trailers. Daily availability, high turnover rates, safe handling, also with different operating personnel, are the standard features included in the TruckWiesel. And as the vehicle also includes numerous other features found in modern-day long-distance trucks, the TruckWiesel is highly valued by drivers and fleet managers alike.

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Vehicle Name

  • Swap Body Truck WBH25


Technical Data

  • Gross combination weight at 25/40 Km/h*: 25,500/20,000kg
    *Top speed on public roads for TÜV certification limited to max. 40 km/h and 18 t perm. total weight, digital tachograph and hydraulic-mechanical steering!
  • Dead weight: 8,100kg
  • Payload at 25/40 km/h and perm. vertical load: 17,400/11,900 approx. kg
  • Pulling force: 3,600daN
  • Front axle load max. at 25/50 km/h: 8,500/7,000 approx. kg
  • Rear axle load max. at 25/50 km/h: 17,000/13,000 approx. kg
  • Wheel base: 4,800 approx. mm
  • Vehicle length (with/without trailer coupling): 8,990 approx. mm
  • Vehicle width: 2,480 approx. mm
  • Inside turning radius: 4,750 approx. mm
  • Outside turning radius: 10,250 approx. mm
  • Set of wheels front axle: 2x 295/60 R 22,5 per axle
  • Set of wheels rear axle    4x 295/60 R 22,5 per axle
  • Drive axle: rear
  • Brake axle: front and rear
  • Engine (water-cooled): OM 934 LA (EURO mot 4)
  • Engine power: 129 at 2,200kW bei U/min
  • Engine torque: -
  • Top speed*: 40km/h
    *Top speed on public roads for TÜV certification limited to max. 40 km/h and 18 t perm. total weight, digital tachograph and hydraulic-mechanical steering!
  • Underride width: 2,000 approx. mm
  • Lifting device width: 2,300 approx. mm
  • Load area height min./max.: 950/1.600 approx. mm
  • Lift height of lifting device (continuous): 500 approx. mm
  • Lift height of chassis: 150 approx. mm
  • Total lifting: 650 approx. mm
  • Lift speed at approx. 2,000 rpm: 50 approx. mm/s
  • Ground clearance unloaded/loaded: 240/180 approx. mm
  • Gradient ability loaded: 13 max. %


Typical loads

  • Swap Bodies C715/C745/C782
  • Optional semi-trailer


Available versions

  • Series 17,4t payload (2-axle, in-plant)
  • Heavy-Duty up to 23t payload (2-axle, in-plant)
  • 3-axle with 16t payload and road use approval


Available drive types

  • Diesel engine 129kW Mot 4 in connection with a hydrostatic drive system
  • Electric motor 90/150kW


Additional equipment & options

  • Exterior sun visor
  • Protective roof over the driver's cab as an effective measure against ice, rain and direct sunlight
  • LED working lights at rear, activated together with other working lights by means of a switch
  • Jump-start socket
  • Plastic tool box, lockable, rear left
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil Panolin HLV
  • Telescopic marker lights on the driver´s cabin (manually operated); altogether five LED working lights
  • Impact protection bar in front of the driver´s cab (not in connection with the TÜV in Austria and Switzerland)
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Hydraulic lifted and lowered semi-trailer coupling
  • Hydraulic container locking system
  • Trailer coupling at front and rear
  • Ram safety bar or ram protection plate
  • Rear view camera
  • Air-conditioning
  • Snow plough 3m wide
  • Hydraulically extendable rear underride protection for use on public roads with container
  • Central lubrication unit
  • Driver´s seat with full air suspension
  • Differential lock
  • Max. speed 40km/h
  • TÜV acceptance including all registration papers (D/CH/A)


Typical sites of operation

  • Europe
  • Logistics centres, terminals, forwarders´ yards



  • Rear with standard underride guard, trailer coupling and high-mounted LED tail lights
  • Comfotable driver´s cab with numerous equipment options
  • Joystick control for forward movement and reversing, lifting frame functions, one-handed operations
  • Larger steering angle for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Accessing the lifting frame directly behind the driver´s cabin
  • Low access height to the driver´s cabin
  • Drive motor between the front and rear axles for improved axle load distribution and less noise in the driver´s cabin
  • Stepless hydrostatic drive, low maintenance and durable



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